January 2017 Announcement

ShiftWear’s Vision

Today is an exciting day as we have hit a major milestone in our development as a company. We’re very excited to share with you the progress we’ve made since the beginning of ShiftWear.

Functional Prototype

Despite the many challenges we’ve faced while building this product, we've pushed hard to develop something new and awesome in every way. Our goal from the start has been to deliver a revolutionary product and such a feat does not come easily - we've tweaked our design hundreds of times, learning something new at every turn, and have landed at a product that we're proud of. Alongside the prototype we’ve developed, we’ve also been working on a manufacturing strategy to ensure that quality transfers through mass production.

Most of the products you’ve come to love started out as prototypes built in a lab. It’s through iterations of design and rigorous testing that they have evolved into the polished products you use every day. As we move into manufacturing, we strive to improve upon our product with each phase of development.

As they say, big things have small beginnings and while we’re still incredibly proud of what we have developed so far, we’re working hard towards making this product even better. Moving forward, we aim to improve our design by incorporating advanced materials, durable fabrics and cutting edge electronics. These will make the shoe stronger, lighter, and longer-lasting.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this point today, and it’s a huge achievement for us. We can’t wait to show you where else we’re going to take this new technology.


Our top priority has always been to deliver a product which provides the functionality we presented when we set about this journey . We've had to make some compromises to the design to ensure that our product is both fully functional and beautiful. This prototype demonstrates the capability of our technology and marks our entry into a brand new marketplace; it’s important to remember that no-one has ever done this before.

As the technology matures and we grow, ShiftWear will be in a position to offer multiple designs to suit everyone’s differing tastes.

Our Team + Advisors

To get to this stage, we’ve built an experienced core team and an extended group of advisors who have been instrumental in overcoming the many challenges we’ve encountered. Alongside this team, we have been working with many industry experts within the footwear industry and wearable technologies space to assure that we're always moving forward.

Our Vision

With the inception of any new idea or startup, it can take time to truly find your place in the world. The technology arena is heavily crowded, and it can be a battle to establish a place in the market.

Today we release our vision as a company: “To push the boundaries of technology”.

Through our vision, we want to produce innovative and futuristic consumer products which excite and inspire. The first is, of course, our ShiftWear Sneakers which will enable people to express themselves in a completely new way.

Pushing the boundaries of technology is a challenging game. The process of innovation requires envisioning a reality which doesn’t yet exist and becoming deeply passionate about this reality. Right now, we see a world where fashion technology is an extension of one’s persona, and a tool which will be universally used for communication and expression.

Many of our early supporters and community can also see this reality and we’re deeply thankful for your support in our pursuit to make this happen.

Get Involved

We’re also excited to announce today that you can pre-order your very own pair of ShiftWear Sneakers here and be one of the first people to own a pair. We’re shipping worldwide so wherever you are, you can own the coolest sneakers on the market.

We’ve also had huge interest from our community about investing. We’ve decided to open up an exclusive opportunity for members of our community to soon own a piece of the future. More to be revealed soon.

We hope you’re as excited to kick start 2017 as we are.

- ShiftWear Team