Completing your Indiegogo Pre-order


If you secured a perk on Indiegogo which included ShiftWear Sneakers, you can now create an order as part of your perk. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay again – this just enables us to collect key information so we can deliver your order later this year.

To get started visit our order system here.

To ensure your order details are correctly matched to your pre-order on Indiegogo, ensure you use the same email as the one you used to place and pay for the perk on Indiegogo.


If you aren’t sure which email you used for Indiegogo, please first login here to your indiegogo account and find out through the My Contributions section in the top right menu listing your order details.

When entering your order details, please be sure to also read the Size Guide (also shown below) and enter your foot size.


If you have a query, it’s best to reach out via Indiegogo – contact ‘campaign owner’ and we can trace back your order. For any general questions reach out on Twitter here and we’ll do our best to help.

Thank you again for supporting us on our journey and we thank you in advance for your patience during our rapid growth.

Many Thanks,
ShiftWear Team

Thanks for your support Sneakerheads

Hello fellow sneakerheads!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the technology involved in ShiftWear. Others have also indicated concerns as to whether we will be adequately funded. Rest assured we want to explain the answers to all of these. The following post will address our most frequently asked questions.

Flexible Funding on Indiegogo:

The choice to go with fixed or flexible funding didn’t matter to us because we were extremely confident that we would reach our goal of $25K. This amount was the minimum that we needed to finish off our existing prototype and be able to custom-make each sneaker.

Since launching the Indiegogo campaign we have received several investor inquiries from companies wishing to support the ShiftWear development. Our strategic investors will assist us with all-things business related – including manufacturing and supply chain – while we remain laser-focused on product development.

Rest assured that even if we don’t hit our ideal stretch goal, we have secured sufficient outside investment to add all the advanced features we’ve promised you in the campaign.

Tech Inquiries:

Okay, time to talk tech.

We’ve had some very specific questions, so please read carefully the responses below:

  1. Regarding the issues EPDs have with refresh rates and ghosting: We are hard at work creating software to tweak the hardware so that it can be used for our specific use. A lot of software work needs to be done to accomplish this, which is the primary function that’s being addressed with our Indie funding.
  2. Yes, ShiftWear shoes will show animations. EPDs have been able to display animations at a video rate of 12fps since 2012. We are advancing it further for our specific use.
  3. The EPDs can bend and will not crease. The screens use a unique plastic substrate that can be bent, hit with a hammer, stabbed, cut in half and will still work. This may sound a bit radical but we have tested this and the technology does work.
  4. The ShiftWear battery will last up to 30 days depending on how many times you change designs, or for how long you leave an animation on loop. If the design is static, there will be ZERO power consumption while the design is displayed. It will remain there until you decide to change it.
  5. The display will not look flashy and glow like LED lights unless you turn the backlight on at night.
  6. Color has been demonstrated, but we need to be able to mass produce the sneakers in order to implement this feature. This is where our investors come in, along with additional post-campaign fundraising on our website.


We do have a current prototype and we are looking forward to unveiling it in Q1 2016. We are knee-deep into development and are working out all of the kinks before we unveil this model. We want to be as transparent as possible, but at the same time we want to protect our proprietary information.

At the end of the day, we are building something revolutionary, and can’t wait to share it with you all.