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Do you want to design your own shoes?

Designing your own shoes is fast becoming a must-have option when purchasing a shoe from any of the major brands. The big players in design have a history of customization. From Michael Jordan ‘s collaboration with Nike way back in ’84 to the 2015 deal between Kanye West and Adidas for the Yeezy Boost, brands have worked with athletes and celebrities far and wide to create the latest buzz in the design world.

When buying shoes in today’s digital era, the options at your fingertips are endless. Many see it as a recent phenomenon, but consumer-led customization has been around for quite some time. Nike, Adidas, Vans and countless other shoe brands have, with technology, created a way for people to design their own custom kicks.  Human nature means we all love to create. These brands are tapping into our psyche and allowing us to design the shoes we want. Nike have led the way with their NikeiD service for quite some time, perfectly fitting into their strategy of working Direct-To-Customer (DTC). Their customization service has been around since 2012. It now even includes the Nike PHOTOiD option where buyers can send Nike a photo of the colors they like on a shoe and Nike’s latest technology will make it happen.

This opens the debate, do you, the consumer, want to design your own shoe? The rise of technology has brought shoe customization a long way in recent years and industry trends suggest you do. Adidas hit headlines recently for their Futurecraft 3D model, which with 3D printed midsole creates a carbon copy of the owners footprint. Focusing on not how the shoe looks but how it fits, they have an interesting vision. They want to allow customers to walk into their stores, go for a run on a treadmill and have a totally customized shoe ready to go by the time they walk out. It’s grand visions like these that are tomorrow’s norms. The big players really are innovating. Just last month Nike gave Michael J Fox a pair of self-lacing shoes like the ones he wore back in 1984 for “Back To The Future”. The shoes are set for public release in Spring 2016 and have got the shoe world talking with their cutting-edge design and recently patented technology.

The customization options that brands are creating are pretty incredible. It raises a lot of questions about what’s next. Innovation is happening all around us and here at Shiftwear we are building a community that gives our users complete creative control. We also like to think we are taking things one-step further. We want our users to be able to change up their shoe design at the push of a button. You could be walking down the street, see a design you like and have it appear on your shoe in a matter of minutes. We want to make it that easy. Change should be ongoing and here at Shiftwear we are innovating the way we all view the shoe. Be a part of the movement.